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Honduras Fish Rain – Does It Really Rain Fish?

Have you ever heard about the rain of fish? You may learn in your school days about acid rain, but have you ever heard of the rain of fish from the sky? Your answer will come as a big ‘No’.

There is a country named Honduras located near Mexico, where rai of fish happening from the sky for the last 100 years.Weird story the sky rains fish in honduras happen every year 119330 आखिर  क्यों पीछले 100 सालों से हो रही यहां मछलियों की बारिश, कारण हैरानी वाला -  lifeberrys.com हिंदी

According to reports, fish rain here once or twice a year. This phenomenon occurs in late spring days on in early summer days.

This country is just 200 km from the Atlantic Ocean. According to scientists and researchers, the Atlantic Ocean receives fish rainfall, the fishes of the ocean come with the evaporated water and fall from it while it rains. But locals say the rain of fish is a blessing from God and has some spiritual belief.

The people of Honduras say that in the nineteenth century, the economic situation of the country was very poor. A Spanish priest living there could not bear it. He prayed to God for three days and three nights to show them miracles and to provide food for them. After his prayer, the fish rain started in the country.

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