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How To Make Organic Holi Colours at Home

How To Make Organic Holi Colours at Home

How To Make Organic Holi Colours at Home: Holi is the festival of colors and a zestful festival of India. It brings cheers and a feeling of comradeship among us. Not only in India, Holi is now being celebrated across the globe.

How To Make Organic Holi Colours at Home

But nowadays artificial or chemical colors took over natural colors. It creates many health hazards like skin infections, eye infections, and many more. So, to celebrate a healthy and a prosperous Holi let’s choose natural or organic colors instead of chemical colors.

Here are the tips that will help you to prepare natural or organic colors at home:

Yellow: Take some dry Turmeric and make powder of it. To increase its Scent, you can add sandal power. So, it will increase its smell as well as its quality too. You can also add this in warm water, so the water will turn yellowish . Then add this water in corn starch and mix it well. Later, your yellow Holi colour is ready to use.

Benefits: Both Turmeric and Sandals are good for our skin. Turmeric is rich in phytonutrients. It will protect your skin from pollution and infection. 

Red:  To get red color for Holi use a hibiscus flower. You can use dry flower powder or its juice. Add these extracts to corn starch. Mix it well, using your hand. Then wait for some time and then use this as holi color.

Pink: Take some beet-roots and extract the juice to make pink colored Holi color. Then add the juice to cornstarch or talcum powder. You can use some rose water to enhance its smell. Then mix it well and let it dry. After some time, your pink color will be ready to use.

Orange : Take fresh orange and extract its juice. Add the juice to corn starch and mix it well. Let it to dry and then you can use it.

Green :
Take fresh Coriander or Spinach leaves. Grind the greens with water and strain them well. In the juice add cornstarch as per your requirement. Mix till it gets an even color. Now spread it on a tray and allow it to dry. Collect, pass through a fine strainer, and use.

Benefits of Organic Holi Colours :

There are many benefits of Organic Holi Colours. It is good for your skin and eye.

How To Make Organic Holi Colours at Home
How To Make Organic Holi Colours at Home


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