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How to Take Care of Your Plants during Summer


How to Take Care of Your Plants during Summer : In the summer season, the main problem is less availability of water. The plants also need More amount of water in comparison to other seasons. So, we need to water the plants frequently.

In extreme heat, the plant needs more water as they intake a little bit more water. Some amount of water also evaporated due to the increase in temperature.

The main important thing is ,  selection of plants. In the Summer season plant, such sapling needs less water and can survive in direct sunlight. You have to chose such plants that can survive in less water. 

So, let’s know how to take care of plants in Summer Season.

1. Avoid Direct Sunlight:

Do not place your plants in direct sunlight. In the case of an outdoor garden, you can make a tent or cover the garden. But use a transparent cover so that some amount of light can pass through it.

2. Watering of Plants:

This is the main and most important thing for taking care of plants in the summer season. Try to water the plants twice a day that is before 9.00 AM and between 4.30 – 5.30. So that the plants can intake proper water.

3. Do not Re-Pot :

Avoid re-pot the plants during summer season. It may damage the plant roots and it may lead to the death of the plants. So 

4. Proper fertilizer :  Use required fertilizer for the growth of the plant during summer season. Avoid fertilizer in the time of heat wave condition.

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