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7 of the Huge Fruits and Vegetables


Do you know?
These are the top listed vegetables that are listed in the Guinness World Record book due to their huge size.

Heaviest Pumpkin– The heaviest pumpkin weighs 2624 pounds that is 1,190.49 kg. authenticated by GPC on 9th October 2016.

Largest Cucumber– The largest Cucumber was grown in Wales. Its size is 42.13 inches (107 cm)

Largest Carrot– The largest carrot grown in the UK. It measures 20 ft 5.86 and was grown by Joe Atherton (UK)

Largest Tomato– The heaviest tomato weighed 4.896 kg which was grown by Dan Sutherland in the USA(2020)

Biggest Watermelon– The giant watermelon having a weight 118.7 kg harvested by Bill Carso in 1990.

Largest Apple– The largest apple reported weighed nearly 4lbs found in Japan on 24 Oct 2005.

Biggest Mango– The Largest mango weighting 4.25 kg grown by Jerland Orlando Nova.

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