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Interesting facts about Honey bee wings

Interesting facts about Honey bee wings –  Do you know details about bee wings? Not only you, Many people are still unknown of bee wings. So they have a lot of confusion in their mind. So let’s discuss in detail the wings of a bee.

Interesting facts about Honey bee wings

Honeybees have two sets of wings which means in total they have four wings. These wings are attached to their thorax- on each side of their body. These wings are made up of chitin (KITE-IN) and keratin. The size of these wings is around 9.7 mm long.

If we dived the wings then the bigger one is called as Fore wing and the smaller one is called the hind wing.Scientific Illustration | Bee drawing, Bee sketch, Scientific illustration

  • A forewing – the larger wing, and
  • A hindwing – the smaller wing

These two pairs of wings help them to fly and communicate. Bees flap their wings around 230 times per second to lift their body.  Small hair-like structure present on their wings helps to pick up the airflow. Honey bees beat their wings 11,400 times per minute

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