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Khandadhar Falls- Sundargarh

Khandadhar Falls (Sundargarh)-

India’s 12th Highest Waterfall

The Khandadhar Falls is the 12th highest waterfall in India and it’s the 2nd highest waterfall of Odisha followed by Barehipani. It is situated at Nandapani, Bonaigarh, Sundargarh which is another nature’s bliss for Odisha.The view of the waterfall setting itself in the core of the green forest makes an awesome scene to watch.The local trials community worships a deity known as Kanta.

What is the exact meaning behind it’s Name-
The name ‘Khanda’ means sword and ‘Dhara’ means waterfall, Due to its look, which is similar to a sword that’s why it is named Khanda Dhar.

Best Time to Visit-
Especially the ideal time to visit this place is in between October to February. This attracts visitors from different parts of Odisha.

Height – A small stream The Korapani Nala dives from a height of 244 meters (801ft) in a single drop.

Things to do– You  can also enjoy ecotourism sites like Tensa Valley (25 km from Khandhar) and Gudguda (60km from Khandhar). The ideal time to visit these places is Rainy and Winter season. In winter the temperature  goes down to zero and in Rainy season you can enjoy the beauty of this place covered with greeny forest .

Location- Bonaigarh, Sundargarh
Distance From Rourkela- 90km
Nearest Railway Station- Rourkela
Nearest Airport- Ranchi
Type- Horsetail

Khandadhar Falls
Khandadhar Falls

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