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List of 20 Aquatic Animal 

List of 20 Aquatic Animal 

List of 20 Aquatic Animal : Those animals that live in or around water are called Aquatic Animal which includes both vertebrates and invertebrates. They have a different body structure that helps them to live in water. Some of them have adapted themselves to survive in water, for example, the penguin. 

The aquatic part is the home of many animals and one of the biggest ecosystems on the earth. 

List of 20 Aquatic Animal









Walrus Jellyfish


Sea Lion


Sea Horse


Sea Otter

Sea Snake

Glow Fish





Characteristics of Aquatic Animals:  

  • Aquatic animals have gills instead of lungs
  • They breathe through this gill underwater
  • They have Fins that help them to swim
  • Caudal Fin help them to change the direction of their swim
  • Many have scales or strong upper skin, it help them to protect their body
  • They are good swimmers 
  • The smell organ of aquatic animals is very active and one can guess or imagine the shape of the animal from a couple of distances.

Importance of aquatic animals: They are the major source of food. Aquatic animals fulfill the food demand of the globe. Starting from fish to crab people around the globe depend on aquatic animals for their diet. They also have a great contribution to the world economy. As per the report, the food demand will double soon while in other ways aquatic animal life is in danger. Due to climate change and pollution the water sources have been polluted which leads to the death of aquatic animals. This should be stopped as soon as possible.

List of 20 Aquatic Animal 

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