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Optimum Betta Fish Food

How to Keep a Betta Fish Healthy

Optimum Betta Fish Food is a specially nutrient food made for all the Betta fishes. It contains all the necessary highly nutritious components that are required for a Betta.

It helps to increase the growth of fishes and enhances their color by Spirulina.

Optimum Betta Fish Food

What is Spirulina?
Spirulina contains natural pigments like chlorophyll and pyocyanin which helps with coloration and immunity booster. As it is rich in Vitamin C and E, helps the fish to increase their antibiotics and also promotes stress resistance. It also helps to increase their immunity against infectious diseases.

How to Feed?

If the fish size is small then feed 1-2 balls in a day, if their size is more than 6-9vcm then feed them 2 balls two times a day (always check the capacity of a fish while feeding). Excess feeding may cause various heath issues and may lead to their death.

Is optimum betta fish food good?

Optimum is best for less chance of disease and better balanced nutrition



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