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Pakhala Dibasa 2022

Pakhala Dibasa 2022 – Pakhala or Watered rice is one of the most popular dishes of Odisha State. It is considered as the best food in summer season to beat the heat. This dish is known as the soul of every Odia people.  Not only Odia people but also Lord Jagannath loves Pakhala very much ,  Even Pakhala is included in the 56 bhog of Lord Jagannath.

Pakhala Dibasa 2022

How to make Pakhala : Rice is lightly fermented in water. The water in it is called as torani. It tastes good after the addition of lemon or curd. It is a mood refreshing dish and people across India love to take this dish especially in summer season.

Pakhala Dibasa 2022

Not only in summer days, but Odia people also love to enjoy the test of this delicious dish throughout the year. Every year on 20th March they celebrate ‘Pakhala Divas’ to showcase and promote this famous odia cuisine.

World Pakhala Divas History

In the year 2015 first time Pakhala Dibas celebrated by the Odia people. A group of people (odialive team) started promoting Pakhala and then it goes viral in social media platform. After some gap it gets a huge support from Odia people. Then the early foundation of Pakhala Dibas made there.

Recent research which was done by AIIMS-Bhubaneswar, says Pakhala, and its ‘Torani’ help to boost immunity power in our body.

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Types of Pakhala:

Jeera Pakhala

Dahi Pakhala

Basi Pakhala

Garam Pakhala

Different Names of Pakhala:

  • Tamil Nadu – Pazhaiya Sadam
    Andhra Pradesh- Saddi Annamu
    Bengal- Panta Bhat
    Chhattisgarh- Bore Bhat
    Assam- Poita Bhat

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