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Pakhala diet helps to boost immunity, AIIMS study

Pakhala diet helps to boost immunity: Bhubaneswar: Fermented water rice or ‘Pakhala’ is a traditional food of Odisha. As per the recent study conducted by AIIMS-Bhubaneswar, Pakhala and its ‘Torani’ boost immunity. Balamurugan Ramadass, the head of the institute’s Centre of Excellence for Clinical Microbiome Research who has been conducting the study since 2019. After the preliminary research, he found that Pakhala contains short-chain fatty acids (SCFA) which help to improve gut health and boost immunity.

There are several types of Pakhala recipes are there. Odisha people use mint, curd, ginger, lemon, Jira to make its Torani testier and these also have a great healthy effect on our bodies. It also improves our digestive system and helps to cool down our stomach.

Pakhala diet helps to boost immunity

Types of Pakhala-

Jeera Pakhala

Dahi Pakhala

Basi Pakhala

Garam Pakhala

In the summer season, this becomes a primary and the most important food for the people of Odisha. Mahaprabhu Jaganath the Lord of the Universe is also used to take Pakhala and is also one of his favorite dishes in ‘Chapan Bhoga”. ‘Tanka Torana’ is a very famouse divine drink of Jagannath Temple. Try once if you are planning to visit Odisha or specially Puri.

Differnt Names of Pakhala

Tamil Nadu – Pazhaiya Sadam

Andhra Pradesh- Saddi Annamu

Bengal- Panta Bhat

Chhattisgarh- Bore Bhat

Assam- Poita Bhat

Due to this reason, 20th March is celebrated as Pakhala Dibasa by Odias.

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