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Palm Tree Plantation May Prevent Lightning Deaths

Palm Tree Plantation May Prevent Lightning Deaths: The Lighting strike takes many lives. Without awareness and lack of knowledge, valuable life suffers from lightning strikes. Many of them are badly affected causing permanent or partial disabilities. 

Especially in village or tribal areas, loss of life due to lighting is probably higher than city or town. To prevent this many government is planning to apply traditional method and that is plantation or more palm trees.

Palm Tree Plantation May Prevent Lightning Deaths

Know How the Ancient Method Works:

As per some reports, in the ancient days, there were huge amounts of palm trees planted both side or roads, bank of the rivers and in open fields. They are taller than other trees that’s why lighting directly strikes on the palm trees. 

The lighting starts from the sky and ends at the ground. Charge panicles need a support system the complete the process.  While lighting happens it directly falls on the taller body or things, so that the charge particles can enter into the ground and spread over the ground surface.  As the Palm tree is taller than others so lighting strike falls on the palm trees, That helps to save others life.

Recently Odisha government’s Special relief commissioner held a meeting on this issue and soon there will be a palm tree plantation drive in the state. In between 2021-22, nearly 3,790 people were killed in lightning strikes in the past 11 years.



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