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Perseverance Rover collected Samples of Mars

Perseverance Rover collected Samples of Mars : NASA’s Perseverance Mars Rover – a robot recently completed collecting samples of Mars. Which is considered one of the big milestones achieved by team NASA.

Perseverance Rover collected Samples of Mars

The Rover successfully deposited 10 sample tubes made up of titanium on the Mars surface. Nearly 368 images were sent to Earth , which was capture more that a month. Among the total 10 tubes- Eight of them are filled with regolith and rock. The another one is a ‘witness tube’ and the last one is atmospheric sample collection tube.

On 30th January 2023 Rover dropped the final tube and also delivered samples to the team.

 sample tubes - NASA
sample tubes – NASA

With a final tube drop, I’ve completed the diverse backup set of samples I’m setting down. Future #MarsSampleReturn robots could come for these, or if all goes well, I’ll have lots more fascinating stuff in hand when they get here – NASA’s Perseverance Mars Rover

The Rover shared the photographs- which was clicked by Mastcam-Z camera fitted on the top of its mast.




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