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Possible Reason behind the Death of Cheetahs in India  

Possible Reason behind the Death of Cheetahs in India – India reintroduced Cheetahs in the country after a long decade. Under “Project Cheetah” 21nos cheetahs brought from South Africa and Nambia and freed them in the Kuno National Park. After a gap of some month one of the female Cheetah has given birth to five Cheetahs that made this project successful and a hope too. A special team engaged for taking care of them as this climate is not friendly for them. The Indian government took this risk to make India once again the Home of Cheetahs, but the situation is not the same as expected.

Possible Reason behind the Death of Cheetahs in India  

After some days the two new born Cheetah and total 9 Cheetah (exclude the new born) has died with some gap. That has strongly affected the Cheetah Mission of India. Some of them died due to infection and some others are due to septicemia – an infection in blood. As 30% of total Cheetah now died the officials now closely monitoring them. Separated enclosures are made for them so that they can stop the infection.

The officials has stated that the death of the Cheetah is not un-natural so this is not a thing to worried. But animal experts, even public taking this in a very serious note. They also also demanding proper ingestion on this issue. The government should take immediate corrective actions to find out the reason behind the death of Cheetahs. Some experts also narrated the possible reason behind the death which are mentioned below.

Reason Behind the Death:

Unfavorable condition may be the foremost reason behind the death. India’s climate, food, natural habitant may be unfit for the Cheetahs to survive here.

Experts says the death is due to the radio-collars that are fitted on the Cheetahs neck.



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