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Potato-shaped planet discovered about 1.8k light yrs from solar system

A Potato-shaped planet has been discovered by a team of scientists. Due to its unusual shape, which looks similar to a potato it has been named Potato planet.

Initially, this unusually shaped planet was discovered back in 2014 by Astronomers.

The Love number, a dimensionless parameter that measures the rigidity of a planetary body, shows WASP-103b is similar to Jupiter, the study said.

“This will allow to constrain the internal structure and composition of WASP-103b, which could provide clues on the inflation of hot Jupiters,” it added.

As per the report, the name of this planet is WASP-103b which is located about 1800 light-years from our solar system.

This planet takes 22 hours to complete one rotation while Earth takes 365 days to complete the rotation.

As per the AFP report, scientists assume that WASP-103b has a solid core that is covered with a thin liquid layer and its surrounding has a gaseous atmosphere – just like Jupiter.

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