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Rare invisible frog


Rare invisible frog : Many mysterious animals exist in the world. Even science failed to explain them till now.

In this article, we are sharing details about such a mysterious frog species that is also known as an invisible frog.

This special frog species are found in Southern America. It looks completely transparent and cannot be visible easily. The name of this frog is Hyalinobatrachium mashpi or Reticulated Glass Frog.

Reticulated Glass Frog - Rare invisible frog
Reticulated Glass Frog – Rare invisible frog

As per the report, while sleeping the entire red blood cells of this frog enters into its lever. So in the absence of Red Blood Corpuscles, it looks transparent. Nearly 90 percent of total blood moves to its lever.

Although it looks beautiful it’s very poisonous. They gave some amount of poison on their back or above the skin. So we can say it’s a mode of protection, that can save the frog from enemies.

Research is going on this frog species for its such unique body mechanism which may be used for treatment purposes in future.

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