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Resting Dragon Rock of Thailand

Resting Dragon Rock

Resting Dragon Rock of Thailand: We all knew that mother nature itself is a wonder. She never fails to shock us with her many strange and unique creations. It is not easy to believe it at the first sight, but later everyone will have to admire it.

Resting Dragon Rock of Thailand

Among many such creations, the Resting Dragon Rock is one of the wonders of Nature. It is situated in Phu Langka, Thailand. The rock is about 100 meters long and 20 meters wide. This photo is available on social media platforms and also created considerable confusion among the public. The Fabulous Weird Trotters – a twitter handle shared the photo of this rock and people shocked after seeing this. As it looks like a huge Anaconda snake taking rest inside the jungle.

But there are no exact details about this photo, its place, and who has clicked it for the first time. What may be but it is one of the strange creation and internet sensation photos, we have to accept it. The Resting Dragon Rock is a popular tourist destination and it become one of the most visited place. People come from all over to see this amazing natural wonder.

NB ; Photo Credits go to the original owner.

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