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Scientists Using Bees To Detect Bombs

Scientists Using Bees To Detect Bombs

Scientists Using Bees To Detect Bombs – Dogs are worldwide used to detect bombs, as they are the most intelligent among pet animals. Professional trainers train them to find out bombs or for many other security purposes. After getting perfect training they served in the army, spy groups, security departments, and many other organizations.

Scientists Using Bees To Detect Bombs

But do you know Dogs are not the only animals that are used to detect bombs? Now bees are also used by police to detect bombs. Before that, they were trained to find out the drugs now they are detecting drugs too.

Here is the complete process:

First, the scientist brings the bees into their laboratory. Then they start teaching them complete bomb-detecting lessons. The lesson has various methods. They follow them one by one to make the bees very smart.

First, they cool them off in a fridge which will slow down their movement. So that they can control their activity easily. After that, they are safely placed into some little seats by an automated bee-loading machine, for their primary learning procedure.

How Do They Train The Bees :

To eat their food bees always sticks their tongue out which is called a proboscises. So scientists use the same technique that is used in the case of dogs. First, they use some smell of explosive vapor feed them sugary water, and repeat this process various times. Then the bees get habituated with the process and it becomes a reflex action for their nervous system.

After completing the training program, the bees are transported to another chamber where they will be given the test. Cameras along with sensors will monitor their activities and later it will be examined by the research unit.

Then only selected bees will be used by the officials of the police or bomb squad to detect bombs.

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