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Stairway to Heaven in Honolulu

Hawaii’ – In Honolulu, there is an Hai Ladder which is also known as the Ladder to heaven. It is the most visited and desired place for the tourist. But now the Honolulu government planning to demolish this with in a short time due to some security reasons.

As per a report published by ‘Daily Mail’ this one is a very dangerous tourist site. In 1940 during the 2nd world war, the American Naval team made this ladder to reach the hidden secret radio base. Due to some security reasons in 1987, it was closed by the authority.

This ladder is made on the Ohu Kulau mountain. The height of this ladder is 2,480 feet and it has 3,922 stairs.
While climbing on the top, tourist feels just like they are on the heaven. That why it’s called as Stairway to Heaven.

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