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Stay safe from Snakes, Check your Footwear Before Use

Stay safe from Snakes, Check your Footwear Before Use – In the monsoon days animals need a safe place to love, as their habitant damaged due to heavy rain fall and flood. So they comes out of their natural stay while searching for a safe place.

Recently, IFS OFFICER Susanta Nanda shared a video in his x-account and it goes viral even in other social medias too. In that video a cobra kid seen hiding inside a shoe. Its a very dangerous one, everyone should be careful on this. Not only shoes but also one should check such



That’s a shock ! Clothes and umbrellas need to be checked in similar fashion. On related note… I Had the fortune to rescue and release a similar sized cobra last year who had lost its way in our apartment complex. Luckily GKVK university campus nearby, it found a home – @MeAmarVyas

Good post.Monsoons, extreme winters and summers make them wriggle out of their comfort homes. The skin burns in summer and in winter they wish to have a sun bath…. @SvjChintamani



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