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The Takahe Bird Returns to New Zealand Wild

The Takahe Bird Returns to New Zealand Wild- A major victory for the wildlife conservation team of New Zealand as they successfully reintroduced the Takahe Bird in the country which was once declared extinct in 1898.
After continuous effort and hard work, their number is gradually increasing, which is a great success for the wildlife conservative history.
The Takahe Bird is one of the rarest species in the world and their population gradually decreased in the late 1800s. The European settlers killed them to feed their pet animals and by the end of 1900, they were become extinct.
Prehistoric bird returns to New Zealand
How the Conservation Process Helps: The conservation planning of Takahe Bird take couple of years including protections of their habitants, breeding, creating safe place for the rest birds, etc. After some gap this helps to preserve the life of this bird. In totalĀ  18 Takahe were released in the mountains in South Island to try to boost a small population in the wild.
Facts about Takahe Bird
They are the largest member of Rail Bird family
The Takahe birds are flightless bird.
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