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Things to know about Basel Zoo of Switzerland

Basel Zoo

Things to know about Basel Zoo of Switzerland : Switzerland is not only famous for its rich natural sights but also it famous for its wildlife. There are many zoos in Switzerland but Zoo Basel is the oldest and largest zoo in Switzerland (animal). It is made for the public in the year 1874. Opening Day 62,000 visitors come to visit this zoo in the first year.

The official name of this zoo is Zoologischer Garten Basel. It is spread over an area of 32.12 acres (13.00 ha. As per the data, more than 7000 animals of 645 species are there. It also has an Aquarium which was opened in the year 1972. There are more than 6000 animals of various kinds of reptiles, fish, and amphibians that can be found inside that Aquarium.

Instead of this, it has A Bird House, monkey house, Sauter Garden, etc. More than 2 million visitors come to visit and explore this zoo annually.


That made it one of the most visited places in Switzerland.

Titles or Awards:

2008: One of the fifteen best zoos in the world by Forbes Traveler

2009: The seventh best in Europe by Anthony Sheridan

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