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Things to Know about India’s Only Active Volcano

India has six volcanoes, and out of six, only one is live I,e Barren Islands volcano.It is the only active volcano of India.

List of volcanoes in India-

Barren Island- Andaman Islands
Narcondam- Andaman Islands
Decan Plateau- Central India
Baratang Island- Andaman Islands
Dhinodhar Hills- Gujarat
Dhosi Hills- Haryana
Tosham Hills- Haryana
Loktak Hills- Manipur

•Barren Island volcano is located in the Andaman Islands, lies about 138 km northeast of Port Blair.

•The 1st eruption occurred in 1787 and then 1789, 1795, 1803-04, etc.
•Latest eruption was in 2020 between 4th November to 10th November.

• The height of the elevation is 353m.
• Total surface area is 8.34 sq. km and the diameter is 3 km.
•It is a stratovolcano or composite type of volcano with pyroclastic cones.
•You can visit this island after taking permission from the forest department.

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