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This bird can fly backward

This bird can fly backward : Many wonders of nature exist on Earth. Such rare and unique things can’t easily be accepted by a layman and a surprise to many. There are more than 9,000 to 10,000 species of bird variety present on Earth. Every individual species has some distinct characteristics, that made them unique among all.

Let’s discuss about such bird that can fly backward. Yes!! There is a bird which is popular for its size and flying speed – The bird is ‘The hummingbird.’

This bird can fly backward

The hummingbird is the one and only bird that can fly in any direction, it is a special movement of its shoulder joint that allows its wings to rotate 180 degrees. Its wings have a special capacity to fly straight, down, froward, and backward – almost in all directions. They flap their wings from about 10 to more than 80 times per second while hovering.

Aerospace | Special Issue : Flapping Wings

They move their small wings in eight-figure shape, and it allows them to fly backward. It helps them to retreat from one flower to another flower. This is a perfect aerospace design that helps the bird to create different type of pressure zone that help to lift its body almost every direction.

This bird can fly backward
This bird can fly backward

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