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Top 5 Sugar Producing Countries

Sugar is the most consumed food item in the world. The production of sugar is rising day by day as the demand is high. The global consumption of sugar amounted to about 176 million metric tons in 2022/23 and is projected to increase to about 180.05 million metric tons by 2023/2024.

Sugar factories are making themselves to fulfill such a huge demand. In this blog, you will gate a brief note on sugar production.

As per the report, India is the largest producer of Sugar in the world followed by Brazil. Here is the list of 

Top 5 Sugar Producing Countries

India – 34.3

Brazil – 21.73

Thailand – 14.8

China – 11.76

USA – 7.3

India produces nearly half of the total sugar production across the globe and is also the 2nd largest sugar exporter in the World.



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