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Top Bizarre Food items of China


Top Bizarre Food items of China : China is very popular for its food especially the non-veg. People used to eat different types of insects, snakes, and other such animals in their food which is not easy to eat. But they are habituated with this and such weird food items can be available in the china food market. After the Covid 19 outbreak, China government ban some non-veg market areas due to their unhygienic condition. But with in a gap the market is completely opened and the non-veg products are now available. 

These bizarre food items are very rare and normal people can’t dare to have it in their meal. They eat almost every living organism instead of humans.

Let’s see the list of food items that Chinese people eat. They eat more than one hundred and seventy-eight insect species as their food. In Dongcheng Night Market you can find Giant cicadas, scorpions, worms, small seahorses, etc.

Here are some top listed food item-

1.Scorpions- Are you serious! This one is the highest sold food item of china. They fry them with oil and eat them directly. Street vendors keep scorpions and bring them while making food.

2.Instead of fry some people also take them while they are alive.

3.Grasshoppers- Grasshoppers or locusts is another food that Chinese people eat in a huge amount. Poor people of china take this as their primary food and eat them as a whole while they are alive.

4.Silkworm- Chinese people taking Silkworms from centuries ago. They made silkworm chrysalis and took them as a whole after frying in oil.

5.Bugs- Bugs are one of the favorite foods of Chinese people. They eat bugs with some tasty spicy sauces.

6.Rat- The Chinese people are fond of eating rats. They eat rats, especially in the winter season. There are some restaurants named after rats.

 7.Snake- Starting from cobra to rat snake Chinese people eat snake meat and also drink its blood in some parts of the country.

Instead of these, they also eat such unhygienic foods in their diet. Even you can not think of eating such items like Pig brains, frog, rabbit, Turtle, Bat, Dog, Crocodiles, Lizards

If you are planning to go to China then think once before your dream plan. 

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