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Top Ten Talking Birds

Top Ten Talking Birds

Top Ten Talking Birds – Some birds have a special power to imitate human speech. They can mimic and learn a few words that humans speak regularly. They are very sharp IQs and have good intelligence power.

Top Ten Talking Birds

By staying with a group of humans they learned the language of humans naturally and later they do mimic a few words. Birds like parrots are very common among the talking bird group.

The Budgerigar birds have a vocabulary of more than 2000 words. In the ancient period, Indian families love to keep myna and parrots and by staying with them the birds learn to imitate ‘Hare Krisha’ ‘Ram Ram’ , Welcome, etc.

They can also speak some English and other languages also. By staying for  couple of years they imitates specific words.

In other developed parts of the world, birds can also speak in English and some of them are also listed in the Gunnies Book of World Records.

Here is the list of Top 10 birds that can talk
1. Parrots

25 Different Types of Green Parrots (with Pictures)
2. Hill mynahsSouthern hill myna - Wikipedia
3. Monk ParakeetMonk parakeet - Wikipedia

4. BudgerigarBudgerigar - eBird
5. African Grey

African Grey Parrot: Species in Decline | Bird Academy • The Cornell Lab
6. Cockatoos21 Types of Cockatoo Species & Colors (with Pictures) | Pet Keen
7. CorvidsBBC - Nature UK: Springwatch investigates: The corvid cull
8. LyrebirdsAudio: The superb lyrebird's song, dance and incredible vocal mimicry
9. Australian magpieAustralian Magpie Facts, Habitat, Diet, Life Cycle, Baby, Pictures
10. ParakeetsHow to Care for Your Parakeet - Allan's Pet Center

How can they speak or able to imitate human sound?

These birds modify the air that flows through their syrinx and throat muscles and later made a similar sound. They do not have a vocal cord.

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