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What do you mean by ivory?


What do you mean by ivory : Ivory tusks are the huge and strong teeth that are found in elephants. It is made up of dentine which is very hard and has bony tissues. Ivory means a part of the tusk or teeth of any mammal that is used for commercial interest.

Which animal has tusks made of ivory ?
Usually, Elephants are popular for their ivory. They use their tusks for various reasons like protecting from their enemy, breaking branches, gathering food items so that they can eat easily and so many others. It is just like a hand for them and helps them to do various tasks.

Why is taking ivory tusks from elephants illegal?
Every day elephants are being killed for their tusks. Their body parts especially tusks are sold by the poachers. This illegal ivory tusk trading is illegal and the offenders should be punished behind the law.

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