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What is a rip current?

What is a rip current

What is a rip current? People love to enjoy and explore the sea. While enjoying the beauty of the sea people love to take bath and also do some water sports. But sometimes due to uncertain conditions, some of them lost their lives and within a small gap, the flow of happiness turns into a sorrowful condition.

As per the research done by WHO Drowning is the 3rd leading cause of death worldwide, Although there are various reasons like high tide, taking a bath which in drunken, carelessness, don’t know how to swim, etc. But the maximum is due to the Rip tide condition.

What is a rip current – A rip current is a strong intermediate tide in between the other two- is called a Riptide. Such a type of tide causes maximum ocean bathing deaths.

What is a rip current
What is a rip current

How to save yourself from dangerous rip current –

Check the weather condition and then go for a bath in the sea

Follow the guidelines and protective majors given by the authority

Do not drink while taking a bath, be conscious

Protect yourself and inform others.

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