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Which one is the 8th Continent of the World?


The entire globe is full of many mysterious things. Every day is new, discoveries are also coming to the limelight. Modern science is so advanced that with discoveries they are breaking their record and the public is in shock! To know what is happening nowadays becomes so easy and the information is so vast that one may not be able to remember them all.

Which one is the 8th Continent of the World?

Recently, scientists have discovered a new continent which is called Zealandia or Te Riu-a-Maui.
The smallest, thinnest, and youngest continent of the globe. Zealandia

As per the primary report by the news agencies, it went missing for more than 375 years and was discovered in 2017 by some geologists- before that, it stood unnoticed. This continent is mostly present under the sea water is nearly 94% and expected as a part of the super-continent Gondwana. The total size of this continent is 1.89 million square miles.

Due to its presence inside the water, geologists faced many hurdles to research it. After some dangerous challenges they researched it.

Location: Zealandia is located at a depth of about 3500 feet in the southern part of the Pacific Ocean.

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