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Why Do Bettas Make Bubble Nests?

Betta Fishes are fighters in nature and they fight for territorial rights. If they are kept in a jar or aquarium then they don’t feel safe to live with another betta fish even with the same kind of species, so it’s their natural behavior, that make them fighter.

While living within a specific space they showcase many kinds of identification pattern, that says this place belongs to them. It is a symbol of their habitant ownership. So other Betta will not dare to come inside their territory. It’s a natural symbol of any kind of animal.
Those who kept Betta fish were often shocked by such kind of behavior of Betta.

Why Do Bettas Make Bubble Nests?

Here is the reason behind this phenomenon:

Betta Fishes creates Bubbles in a huge amount that floats on the water’s surface, where they were kept. These water bubbles are a type of nest for the Betta fish. After creating such bubbles, they hide themselves inside that bubble nest. Not for a single time they repeat this method whenever they feel safe and cool.

This is a symbol that says Betta fishes are happy with their habitant and they want to tell that ‘this area belongs to me, do not dare to come here’.

Another possible reason is that male fish want to do reproduction, by creating water bubbles they want to attract the female ones. After the reproduction process, the Bubble nest will be used as a home to keep the eggs safe. It will guard the eggs and may provide adequate oxygen. They build bubble nests two or three times a week. By using their mouth and saliva they create a huge amount of water bubbles that look cool and attractive.



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