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Why do Fish have Scales?

Why do fishes have scales

Why do Fish have Scales?

Fishes are belongs to vertebrae and aquatic in Nature. They have a unique body structure and also have some unique body parts, like gills, scales, etc.
These body parts help them to survive inside the water.

Type of fish scale:
Usually, the fish scale is divided into 4 types.
1. Placoid
Found in sharks and rays
2. Cycloid/Ctenoid
Bony fishes
3. Cosmoid
Fossil fishes
4. Ganoid
Bowfin, Gars, etc

Most fishes have scales outside their body. These scales are made up of calcium carbonate and hydroxyapatite. It helps to give external protection and locomotion to the fish.While staying inside the water these scales protect fishes from the environment.

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