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Why does China give pandas to other countries?

Panda diplomacy

Why does China give pandas to other countries? Panda is the national animal of China and the only place in the world where a larger number of Panda can be seen.

This beautiful species which comes under the endangered category, is considered the most loved animal in the world. Their look – with white fur and black spots another point of attraction for nature lovers. Their behavior is likely a child, their funny practices are also a thing to watch. Panda diplomacy

But do you know there is a big diplomatic policy directly linked with Panda? Read the full article to know more.

China often gives pandas to its friendly countries to strengthen their bilateral relation as a form of diplomatic gift. They consider that country as friendly and It is seen as a gesture of goodwill and friendship. That is why many consider them as China’s diplomat and this is also known as Panda diplomacy.




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