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Why I Love Nature

Why I Love Nature: If someone asks you “Why do you love your mother? then what will be your answer? You definitely reply to him/her like, “Without mother there is nothing, without mother I am nothing, my mother is my world and I can’t live without her – much more related to this answer.


My answer to “Why I Love Nature” is almost the same. Nature gives us life, and a beautiful friendly environment to live in. Her creations help us to make this life satisfactory. Starting from food to shelter, air to sunlight, nature gives us everything – that is why we call nature our “mother”


So, now you can imagine why I mentioned “mother” as an example at the beginning of the content. This is not the least reason to love nature, there are many more. Here are some of the best reasons:


Why I Love Nature

A Safe Place for Living Organism: 

The Earth; is the only planet where life is possible. It has a friendly atmosphere with life-saving components like normal temperature, air, water, sunlight, soil, etc. All these made the earth a place for living organisms to exist.


Air, Water, and Sun Light:

For the survival of the living organism, nature has gifted the most 3 important factors that are most required for the survival of the organism that is air, water, and sunlight. Air helps to breathe; water is another life-providing material and last sunlight -is the source of energy. In the absence of these three, we can’t think about our existence.

Why I Love Nature


Food For the Life :

 Plants are the primary food that bring energy to the ecosystem and they store the energy collected from the sun by the process of photosynthesis. Later this energy flows through other living organisms through food-chain. So this method helps to share and divide the energy to every living organism. 


The beauty of the Nature : 

Nature has many more beautiful things like rivers, seas, green forests, tall mountains, clear sky, etc. Instead of this a large variety of fauna and flora made the earth beautiful. The richness of the beauty of nature is a thing to watch.


If you are a nature lover then you can understand it better. Go to the mountain, close your eyes, listen to the sound of the air passing through your ears, the sounds of the birds that make your heart cool, open your eyes, and look at the clean sky they have a smooth breath- after a while, you can feel pleasure. This is the power of nature that is why we also call nature the biggest medicine for human beings.


What is the return gift we can give to Nature:


This is the most important thing for today’s generation and they should learn too. With a dream technological modification of today’s world is directly affecting mother nature. Pollution, Deforestation, An increase in Population, chemical fertilizer use, nuclear weapon tests, war, etc. are destroying Mother Nature.


As a thinker, a motivator, a responsible citizen we must take immediate steps to protect, preserve, and conserve our Mother Nature. It’s not who will do it? Let’s say I will do, I will start and I can. Then we can think and create a safe environment for us and also for future generations.

Khandadhar Waterfall Keonjhar


Author: Rashmi Ranjan Nayak



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