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World Bamboo Day 2023


World Bamboo Day 2023 is celebrated on the 18th of September across the globe. The main agenda of this day is to spread awareness about the importance of bamboo plants for the earth. The World Bamboo Organization the pioneer of the World Bamboo Day.

World Bamboo Day 2023

This concept was launched by Kamlesh Salman on 18 September 2009 and officially declared on September 18 by the World Bamboo Organization. Since then world celebrating this day as World Bamboo Day,  to remark on the significance of the bamboo plant.

World Bamboo Day 2023: Significance

Bamboos are the one of the fastest growing plant and does not required replantation. This plant also produces highest amount of oxygen and considered as a backbone of the world economy. The main aim of world bamboo day and the World Bamboo Organization, is to work for the improvement of the status of bamboo trees and the proper use of this plant- that directly impacts the environment and economy. By creating awareness among people we can restore it for the future use.

Bamboo trees produces 35% more oxygen that an equivalent stand of trees, acts as carbon sink, balances oxygen and carbon dioxide in the atmosphere

World Bamboo Organization Headquarter: Antwerp, Belgium.

Bamboo Day 2023 Quotes:

Be like Bamboo, the higher you grow, the deeper you bow. World Bamboo Day!

It’s World Bamboo Day! Let’s protect the oxygen factory of the world.

Wish you a happy World Bamboo Day , lets try to protect them & use them sustainably.

  • World Bamboo Day 2023
    World Bamboo Day 2023

World Bamboo Day 2023

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