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World Lion Day


World Lion Day is celebrated across the globe to create awareness and ensure a safe place for the survival of the lions. It is celebrated on the 10th of August to honor the ‘King of the Jungle. Due to climate change and adverse conditions, there is a serious threat to their life. Starting from climate change to animal trafficking, all these made this earth a hell for these beautiful species of nature.

World Lion Day

The main aim of celebrating this day is to make a safe place for the lions by protecting their habitats. Every one has to ensure their safety. Need more awareness on this so that people may understand the importance of such species for a safe earth. 

World Lion Day Quotes

Save The King of the Forest


Safeguard Lions………..Safeguard Ecosystem!

Let’s raise awareness and support initiatives to ensure a safe future for lions.

Let’s celebrate the roar of the majestic species of our mother nature.

Every creature of nature is beautiful. Lion is one of these amazing creation….. Today is the day to remind us to protect the lion, the big cats.

Discover the Roaring Wonders of Lions! #WorldLionDay

Let us save the king of jungle to have him in this world for our generations to come

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