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5 things to be careful about buying plants Online

5 things to be careful about buying plants Online

5 things to be careful about buying plants Online : In recent days we all depend on the online market to purchase almost everything. The online market has taken a huge part of the supply of goods. People prefer to buy products online as it is cost-friendly and also saves time. For those who have no time then this online market is just like a blessing for them.

Have you noticed the online market sells plants and seeds and people also buy them from different websites? Starting from bigger platforms to smell, nowadays people prefer to buy plants from them. 

5 things to be careful about buying plants Online

Different plants have different qualities and getting the right plant for your need is much needed. While buying a plant from the online market you have to be careful about these things, here are some of the most important things that are very important.

1. The first step in buying plants online you have to go for a genuine site. Then select specific plants like indoor plants that have a strong stem and can live without water for two-five days. As the delivery agent may take much time to deliver this product to your address. So do some research about the agency then go for buying.

2. Check the type of plant in detail and get some knowledge about the plant you want to buy – to know the quality go through the suggestions box and check photos of that product which was already uploaded by buyers. From there you will get an idea about the quality of packing and the quality of the plants also.

3. You can also check the rating given by the users and 3.5-4.5 is usually good to buy. If you have any doubts then call or text them for queries. They may help you to share further details. Check the reviews given by the buyers. Reading the reviews may help you to gain some more information about the plant that you want to buy.

4. Check the value of the plant that you want to buy from the different sites. Bu this you may get some discounts. Also, check the packing and transport charges that are mentioned by the agencies. If you are paying it online then be cautious while paying the amount – to stay safe from online fraud.

5. Once the product is delivered to you always record while unboxing the box and it will help you to save the exact quality of the product, which can be used as proof if the product quality is not good.

List of Plants that can buy from the online

Lucky Bamboo Plant , Snake Plant, Devil’s ivy, Spider Plant , Philodendron, Jade Plant , Pothos, ZZ plant, Rubber Plant, Bonsai ,Areca Palm, Bougainvillea Plant , Dragon Tree , Adenium, Money Plant

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