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Amazing facts about Meerkat

Amazing facts about Meerkat

Amazing facts about Meerkat: Meerkat (Suricata suricatta ) are small mongoose and belongs to the family Herpestidae. They are looks almost similar to Mongoose so people commonly called them small mongoose. They are usually found in the Kalahari deserts of South Africa. Their body is specially made for the desert and they can live with less amount of water.

Physical Appearance: Meerkats are very active and fast-moving animals. They can frequently stand on their feet to watch and explore the surrounding. Their size is around 20-35 cm and weighs up to 1 kg. Their face looks so cute with big eyes and sharply pointed snout.

Life Spam: They can live up to 10 to 14 years.

Food: They are not nocturnal so usually go for food in the daytime. They have extreme scene power and can guess the smell of their favorite food. They usually eat spiders, scorpions, beetles, caterpillars, small eggs, fruits, etc.

Familiar with Nature: They are familiar with nature and live with family. Their family consists of 20-30 in number. They protect, care for, and take on different responsibilities. Research says that they have a wide variety of social behaviors. Their intelligence is strong which helps them to save themselves from their enemies.Meerkat | San Diego Zoo Animals & Plants

Communication: They use a special type of communication technologies like different sounds or calls for different purposes. They always stay active and alert during the day. But looks less active in the nighttime.

IUCN Status: They are listed under Least concerned status. 

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