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How to make mint drink for summer


How to make mint drink for summer : In the summer season, our body frequently suffers from dehydration. It may lead to a weak pulse, tiredness, heavy sweating, etc. So these days we need more amount of water, to keep our body hydrated. Not only water we used to drink various kinds of summer detox to stay hydrated, fit, and healthy. Among many drinks, Mint juice drink is one of the famous and tastier drinks, which is easy to prepare even at the home.

How to make mint drink for summer :

• Bring fresh leaves of mint and wash them properly.

• Cut the leaves and grind them well, so that they can easily be mixed with water.

• Then take water and add the fresh mint juice to it.

• Then add salt or sugar as per your choice. To enhance its taste you can add lemon juice, jeera powder, and black salt in it.

• If you want chilled juice then add some ice bulk in it and enjoy the summer days with a fresh, cool, and tasty Mint juice drink.

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Health benefits of Mint :
Mint is rich in many nutrients and has a lot of health benefits. Intake of mint leaves can improve your health. Here are some of the Health Benefits of Mint :

• Improves brain function
• Good for the stomach and improves digestive function
• Cures indigestion
• Rich in Nutrients
• Relieves Cough and Asthma
• Improves Bowel Movement
• Cures Allergies
• Boosts immunity
• Helps to cure oral infections

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