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International Polar Bear Day 2023

International Polar Bear Day 2023

International Polar Bear Day 2023: This day is celebrated on 27th February. This annual event is celebrated by many organizations across the globe. The main aim of this day is to create awareness of the conservation of the rare Polar Bear.

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International Polar Bear Day 2023

Polar Bear: Polar Bears (Ursus maritimus) are also known as the ‘Sea Bear’.

They are mostly found in the Arctic Circle, where the temperature is always in a minus state. Due to adaptation, their body helps them to survive in such extremely low temperatures.

They have thick white fur on their skin. It helps them to hide from their enemies. Fishes are their favorite diet.

Conservation Status: Due to pollution and global warming their habitat is now in danger. An increase in temperature directly affects the ice sea and it is melting down rapidly. So many Polar Bear has died.

So there is an urgent need to restore and save their habitat. Many organizations, NGOs, and Wildlife lovers are working and raising their voices for the conservation of this rare and beautiful species.

International Polar Bear Day 2023
International Polar Bear Day 2023

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