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Most poisonous fish in the world

Most poisonous fish in the world : The Reef stone fish : Fish is the highest non-veg food item taken by us. There are more than 34,000 species of fish found in different water sources of the world. These fishes full fill the food demand of the people.

Most poisonous fish in the world

China is the height producer of fish in the world and produces more than 58.8 million tons of fish whereas India grab the second position. As per the global fish feed market, China consumes 45% of seafood which is nearly 65 million tons followed by the USA’s 7.1 million tons.

But do you know there are some fishes which may kill you? Yes.. there are some poisonous fishes found in the world that come under the venomous category. There are more than 1200 venomous fish species in the world.
Most poisonous fish in the world

The Reef stone fish-

Species- verrucosa

Genus- Synanceia

Family- Synanceiidae

Order- Scorpaeniformes

Class- ActinopterygiiP

hylum- Chordata

Kingdom- Animalia


The Reef stone fish is considered the most venomous fish in the world. Mostly found in the coastal region of the Indo-Pacific ocean.

Body Structure:-

Most poisonous fish in the world
Most poisonous fish in the world

The big size of the mouth gives a deadly look to this silent killer of the sea. The color of this fish is orange or red.

It can grow up to 35-40 cm and looks so similar to its surrounding. So it’s not so easy to find its presence as it looks like a lump of coral or as a rock covered with fungal bodies.


It has 13 venomous spines in the dorsal fin which contain deadly poison which causes siviour pain and even death also.

This fish uses its venom as a defense mechanism and nearly take 0.015 seconds to attack its predators like rays and shark.

Its venom Synanceia horrida is a mixture of enzymes and non-enzymes. It has both neuromuscular and cardiovascular toxicity characteristics.

As per the report, an anti-venom was developed in 1959 which helps to save some lives.

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