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5 medicinal plants commonly found in India

5 medicinal plants commonly found in India

5 medicinal plants commonly found in India : India is known as the birthplace of traditional medicine which is mentioned in Ayurveda. In the ancient period, Saint and Kabiraj, The ancient health care experts apply some ayurvedic methods to cure the patient.

In today’s world, most people are now choosing Ayurveda to cure and control some diseases.

5 medicinal plants commonly found in India

There are so many kinds of medicinal plants that can be found in India. Let’s find the 5 medical plants that are commonly found in India.

1- Tulsi – Tulsi or basil is the most famous medical plant in India. It can be found easily and is a well-known medicinal plant species. People use its leaves to cure cold, and indigestion.

2- Aloe Vera- Aloe Vera is known as the king of all medicinal plants. It can be used to cure acne, and improve body immunity, and constipation.

3-Mint- The most refreshing and mood-enhancing drink is made from mint leaves. It helps to improve the digestive system, boosts immunity, good for our stomach, etc.

4- Bael- Bael plant can be found easily in India. Its leaves and fruits are good for our health. It helps to improve digestion and constipation. Bael squash is the most refreshing drink in the summer season.

5-Marigold- Marigold flower extract helps to fight against sunburns, blemishes, and acne. Its leaves are used to cure wounds.

All these medicinal plants help to keep our bodies healthy and fit. We suggest you please follow health experts advice to know the proper use of these medicinal plants for better results.

5 medicinal plants commonly found in India
5 medicinal plants commonly found in India

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