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Reverse Waterfall Naneghat

Reverse Waterfall Naneghat : Many mysterious things can be seen on this Earth. Still, many of them are unknown and yet to be explored. If you calculate their number globally then you may not be able to succeed, as they are innumerable.

In India, many such places need to be explored, for their publicity. Among many such kinds of mysterious things, there is a special waterfall in India, popularly known as the reverse waterfall. It is situated in Naneghat, Maharashtra.

The serene mountain pass in Maharashtra makes a stunning view of Nature.

What is a rip current?

Why it is called the Reverse waterfall :

In this waterfall, the water is blown upwards or in the reserve direction. Due to strong wind pressure, the water flows upwards. It can be seen clearly from the top of the waterfall. We can say it’s a wonder of Nature and a place to explore, especially for Nature Lovers.

Reverse Waterfall Naneghat
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