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The Rare Blue Lobster

Rare Blue Lobster

The Rare Blue Lobster : Generally, the lobsters are dark brown or red. Sometimes due to some genetic modification rare colored can be found, which is an almost very rare sight. The odds of catching a blue lobster are 1 in 200 million.

Rare Blue Lobster

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Among lobsters, Blue lobsters (Nephropidae) are very rare and can be spotted in one in two million. As per some scientific research, these lobsters produce some specific proteins than other lobsters. Due to this their color becomes blue and can be differentiated easily.

One fisherman Lars-Johan Larsson caught this rare, blue-colored lobster in the Portland Sea. It glows inside the water and Lars caught this to know about this rare species. Later he shared the photos of the lobster, and it went viral on social media.

Is blue lobster poisonous?

As per the report blue lobsters are healthy and safe to eat

What does blue lobster taste like?

Similar to other lobster

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