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Things to Know about Philodendron

Things to Know about Philodendron

Things to Know about Philodendron : Philodendron is belongs to the family Araceae. The Name of this plant is derived from two Greek Words ‘Philo’ which means love and ‘Dendron’ which means tree. 

Details: The scientific name of this plant is Philodendron cordatum.

Physical Description of Philodendron:

This one is mostly used to decorate homes, especially as an indoor plant. As it adopts the indoor climate and can grow easily in low light and water. The plants have very deep green color leaves that help this plant to thrive in low light or indirect light conditions. The leaves can grow up to 2-4 inches. It shape of the leaves is similar to the human heart and looks glossy.

Is it purify the indoor air?

Some report says this plant help to purify the indoor air and have the capacity to filter toxins like formaldehyde.

The plant group is divided into three categories; epiphytes, hemiepiphytes, and terrestrial plants.

Rarest Philodendron : 

The Philodendron Spiritus Sancti is the rarest species of Philodendron. It is also one of the most expensive among the Philodendron family. A new plant can grow from its seeds or cuttings.

Is it Poisonous: Yes ! this plant may be quite harmful to your pets. If a dog or cat chews on philodendrons leaves, it may cause abdominal pain, vomiting, swelling of the pharynx, and hypersalivation. So be careful.Things to Know about Philodendron

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