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This rare snake can fly!

This rare snake can fly!

This rare snake can fly!- There are many mysterious animals present on Earth, that will blow your mind. Such types of wonders of nature are not new, but not so popular. Many faunas and flora group are there, which are completely unknown to the public. Some of them have special characteristics that will astonish many.

This rare snake can fly!

Here are some of the rare Flying snakes that can fly from a species’ height. There are nearly five species of flying snake found in India and SriLankan.

Paradise tree snake – Chrysopelea commonly known as the flying snake is a rare snake species of the family Colubridae. It is mostly found in Indonesia, China, and SriLankan.
They are less or mildly venomous but have the capacity to move very fast.

How can they fly?

These snake species expand their skin like flying squirrels and some of the gliding animals- that helps to lift their body against the wind. They can jump far as about 100 meters (300 feet) from the tops of trees and can easily jump from one plant to another plant.

This rare snake can fly
This rare snake can fly

They used to hunt during the daytime and mostly fed on frogs, rats, little birds, bats, and lizards. Their scene organ is very active which helps to find their food.

How far can a flying snake fly ? 

These paradise tree snake can glide through the air as far as about 100 meters from the tops of trees.

Is flying snake Poisonous?

They are less or midly venomous, but human should stay away from them.

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