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Why do dogs eat grass?

Why do dogs eat grass?

Why do dogs eat grass? Have you ever seen dogs taking grass after their meal? Dogs usually take both veg and non-veg in their food. As per the vets, it’s a natural behavior of the dogs. They love to play and eat grass.

Why do dogs eat grass?

But some of the reports also say differently about this. Have you wondered about the exact reason behind this?
The veg items usually take less time to digest rather than the non-veg item. If the dogs found more non-veg items they do not want to wait for others. Within a few minutes, they engulf the entire food which is slightly more than their usual food.

The non-veg items like chicken, mutton, egg, etc are rich in protein and take longer time to digest. So to digest and improve the digestive system dogs need fiber and roughage. So they eat some quantity of grass after taking such food.

Some of the dogs also do vomiting after taking grass. By this, some indigested or extra food comes out from their stomach. Later the stomach digests the left food present in it easily. And yes you can also find that some of the dogs eat grass as fun. While playing outside they sometimes eat grass.

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