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World Wetland Day 2023 

World Wetland Day

World Wetland Day 2023  : World Wetland Day is observed every year on the 2nd of February across the world. It is the day celebrated to mark the date of the Conservation and Protection of Wetlands on February 2, 1971.

World Wetlands Day 2023 Theme

The theme of World Wetlands Day 2023 is “It’s Time for Wetlands Restoration,”.  It highlights the urgent need to prioritize wetland restoration.

Why is it called a wetland?

Wetland is a place where the land area is covered with water, permanently or seasonally. In these places, water remains accumulated throughout the year on marshy soil-like land.

Types of wetlands: There are three types of Wetlands.
1. Inland – wetlands
2. Human Made – wetlands
3. Coastal – wetlands

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 It is rich in fauna and flora and has great importance for the environment and nature.

1. It provides freshwater

2. It can store more carbon than forests 

3. It helps us cope with storms & flooding 

4. These areas are a source of livelihood and food. 

5.Providing food and medicine

6.Filters water pollutants

But due to climate change more than 35% of wetlands have been degraded or lost since 1970.

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