World Wind Day

World Wind Day

World Wind Day or Global Wind Day is celebrated on 15th June every year, across the globe including government organizations, NGOs, and many more. These days remind the world about the importance of wind for life, its use as a renewable source of energy along with future possibilities.

World Wind Day

History: The first Wind Day was celebrated in 2007 by the European Wind Energy Association. After 2009 it became a global event and spreads to the whole world. Since then people are celebrating this day globally.

Significance of World Wind Day :

• Use of wind energy as it is renewable and green energy.
• To reduce the pollution level wind energy is a perfect alternative
• Creating awareness of the importance of wind can help the people along with governments and entrepreneurs to think, and plan for the future possibilities of wind energy

Which country is called as the country of Wind?
Ans:- Denmark

World Wind Day

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