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World Sparrow Day 2022

World Sparrow Day 2021

World Sparrow Day 2022: Here Are Sparrow Day Facts And How To Celebrate

World Sparrow Day is celebrated across the globe on 20th March every year. This day is designated to raise the voice and create awareness of the sparrow.

World Sparrow Day 2021: History

World Sparrow Day 2021
World Sparrow Day

This initiative has been taken by the NFS- National Forever Society. Indian conservationist Mohammed Dilawar who has was founded NFS and from the beginning, he started an awareness campaign among people to protect and conserve nature. In year 2010, the first world sparrow day was celebrated in various parts of the world.House sparrow population is stable, says report | Deccan Herald

Know about Sparrow :

The sparrow is a small bird that belongs to the family Passeridae. They live in the houses that why they are also known as house sparrows. They feed on small insects and are famous for their sounds. They can fly at the speed of 38-40 km/hour.



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