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List of 20 Extinct Animals

List of 20 Extinct Animals; Extinct animals are those animal species that no longer exist on the earth. Due to some changes in the environment, these animals might have failed to adjust to the new environments which lead to the end of their existence. Such animals became extinct many years back and research is going on to identify the possibilities and the main reason behind the environment changes.

Here is the list of 20 Animals that went Extinct in the Past 150 Years

List of 20 Extinct Animals

1. Dinosaurs
2. Caribbean monk seal
3. Japanese sea lion
4. Irish elk
5. Woolly mammoth
6. Tasmanian tiger
7. Quagga
8. Pyrenean ibex
9.Western black rhinoceros
10. Quokka leporinus
11. Schomburgk’s deer
12. Toolache wallaby
13. Dodo bird
14. Saber-toothed tiger
15. Passenger pigeon
16. Stellar’s sea cow
17. Moa
18. Great Auk
19. Baiji dolphin
20. Carolina parakeet

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List of 20 Extinct Animals



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